Urban Health Science Initiative, Inc. 

Providing and researching novel scientific solutions to chronic health problems  

Our Initiatives

A health science facility that caters to the unique biological needs of people of African descent that includes the following:

  •       A scientific research laboratory to:

          -  Show quantifiable data on which foods and food preparation techniques                  yield the maximum amount of bioavailable nutrients. 


          -  Investigate biological environments that can optimize the body’s                        ability to absorb and retain nutrients. 

          -  Determine lifestyle practices that reduce exposure to toxins (i.e.,                    exposure to radiation and xenoestrogens). 

  •       A community outreach department to:

          -  Facilitate community involvement and education through visits to   

             well populated public locations and events both local and non-local.     

          -  Distribute brochures that have nutrition based information generated 

             by the laboratory’s research.

          -  Produce entertaining short video clips to explain the scientific                        research being conducted in a socially relevant way in order 

             to generate interest in the sciences amongst people in urban and 

             underserved communities. 

          -  Create a documentary detailing the laboratory’s initiative as well as                  the journey of its staff to be shown in schools and educational                        forums.   

          -  Obtain a sense of the disposition of the local community regarding                      health and nutrition using surveys. 

          -  Encourage visits to the laboratory from local schools, churches and   

             youth organizations.


          -  Work with social media experts to conduct community outreach 

             via the internet.